Application, selection and admission information

Nursing Training Institute of Technology's admission and selection criteria have been established on the premise of alignment with the NTIT’s objectives, mission and strategy as well as the Namibian directives on nursing and education. 


Quality of Education is  the foundational mechanism that can be used to bring about societal  transformation and NTIT admission criteria  provides opportunities to all to receive quality education and training for the betterment of building Africa’s health sector and that of the republic of Namibia.

Our Pupil nurses  will be able to learn, develop and grow into quality health care professionals with the necessary support, supervision and guidance. We use only the best of the best to bring out the best in each of our Pupil Nurses.

NTIT’s efforts will be on the provisions of academic and clinically competent, compassionate , caring, thinker and nurses who will maintain a caring   high – effective standard, quality of nursing practice, and who will function ethically as an important stakeholder in the health care community of  Namibia, the African continent and globally.

Nursing Training institute of Technology offers the NTIT Introductory -Foundational nursing Course, NTIT Bridging  nursing Course, NTIT capacity building health care short courses and The  Certificate in Enrolled Nursing And Midwifery Science NQF level 6

Why Nurses Are The Backbone Of HealthCare Systems

Have you ever wondered what the healthcare system would be like without efficient collaboration and coordination? How will it carry out day to day operations without the input of nursing staff that aid doctors in making strategic decisions? Who would actually be responsible to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare practitioners? If concluded, the aforementioned points emphasize on the importance of nurses. Without their expertise, no hospital or institution will be able to function.

History Of Nursing

Nursing as a profession has existed throughout history, although it has evolved considerably over time. In the current healthcare system, nurses are one of the most trusted healthcare professionals with a significant role to play in the treatment and medical care of the sick.

The term nurse originates from the Latin word nutire, which means to suckle. This is because it referred primarily to a wet-nurse in the early days and only evolved into a person who cares for the sick in the late 16th century.

Understanding The Role Of Nurses

Nurses make up the backbone of the  healthcare industry. As patient advocates and skilled care providers, the role of nurses has never been more important in meeting the healthcare needs of a growing number of patients.

Most recently, the demands of an increasingly complex healthcare industry have meant that in this new landscape the role of nurses has changed.