Nursing Training Institute of Technology's admission and selection criteria have been established on the premise of alignment with the NTIT’s objectives, mission and strategy as well as the Namibian directives on nursing and education. 


Quality of Education is  the foundational mechanism that can be used to bring about societal  transformation and NTIT admission criteria  provides opportunities to all to receive quality education and training for the betterment of building Africa’s health sector and that of the republic of Namibia.

Our Pupil nurses  will be able to learn, develop and grow into quality health care professionals with the necessary support, supervision and guidance. We use only the best of the best to bring out the best in each of our Pupil Nurses.

NTIT’s efforts will be on the provisions of academic and clinically competent, compassionate , caring, thinker and nurses who will maintain a caring   high – effective standard, quality of nursing practice, and who will function ethically as an important stakeholder in the health care community of  Namibia, the African continent and globally.

Nursing Training institute of Technology offers the NTIT Introductory -Foundational nursing Course, NTIT Bridging  nursing Course, NTIT capacity building health care short courses and The  Certificate in Enrolled Nursing And Midwifery Science NQF level 6

NTIT is the place you want to be.

Please note the process of application and selection for 2022 and beyond  will work as follows 




  • Application for Nursing is downloaded at
  • No Application will be processed, first admin phase without proof of a non- refundable application fee of N$ 250.00
  • Every New Application emailed to us must have the Non-Refundable application fee of N$ 250.00 proof of payment.
  • Applicants receive the link to theNew Applicant
  • Applicants who submits all required documentation and proof of payment, are then given a date for the pre selection assessment.
  • The pre selection assessments are conducted at specific dates in order to select candidates for the different campuses for the next available intake.
  • Results of the pre selection assessment is published to the applicant, but this is not a confirmation of acceptance or admission to the programme yet.
  • Each Campus will select the number of successful candidates based on merit.
  • Once ample number of applicants have been chosen, the campus will inform the successful applicants of their acceptance and arrangements for registration and admission to the specific programmes.
  • NTIT will publish a waiting list and inform all pupil on the waiting list.
  • Once selected for the study program you are expected to pay a Non -refundable registration fee which the admin will notify all selected and qualified pupil nurse students.
  • No Application will be processed for the final registration without  the proof of payment for the Non -Refundable registration fee to the study program of choice.
  • Failure to pay the non-refundable registration fee, a space will be effective immediately be given to the first student on the waiting list.
  • See NTIT cancellation policy and refunds policy, understand them all.



Admission requirements for foreign/non-Namibian citizens


All non-Namibia applicants are required to submit the following list of original certified documents:

  • A Namibian Qualifications Authority (NQA) evaluation certificate of their highest school certificate and other qualifications
  • A study permit
  • The legal document/s in case of documents bearing different names e.g. a marriage certificate or affidavits to that effect
  • HPCNA license to practice as a nurse for a foreign nurse (where applicable)
  • A valid passport expiring not earlier than 6 (six) months after the projected completion date of the programme
  • A valid refugee status document, or  a valid asylum seeker document or any other legal document that indicates thereof
  • Proof of Payment for the non-refundable application fee of N$ 250.00
  • No application will be processed without valid documentation and the non-refundable application fee proof of payment N$ 250.00

Nurses lead extraordinary lives.  As a qualified nurse you could contribute not only to the profession of nursing but add value to our patients and communities every day! Providing nursing care to the young and vulnerable; to assist a patient recovering from an operation; encourage someone to live life independently in the community; or nurse victims of trauma and injury back from the verge of death. Nursing covers a range of activities that few professions can match - it is a demanding job with serious responsibility, but stimulating and intellectually challenging.

Come one Come all!!!